I’ve cone to learn and understand in 39 years of living that there are three topics that are real sensitive to talk about with other people:

(1) Religion

(2) Their children

(3) Homosexuality

Those three subjects can become real heated and sensitive.  Then you incorporate the fact we don’t have the right to freedom of speech anymore to voice our own personal views, beliefs or opinions in todays society that we live in.  I had a three hour long debate with my neighbour about homosexuality and neither one would move off our square.  So we agreed to disagree and keep it moving like we always do when we can’t find no common ground.  This day one hour later we were right back at it on homosexuality. We are debating this issue from two different standpoints, I’m looking at the morality of the issue, he’s looking at the free choice and free will of this issue.  That’s when I realized we have a double standard when it comes to morality in our society today.  We pick and choose when we want to enforce morality and when to hold someone to a moral standard.  I want to be very clear that I’m not against homosexuality because I have no right to tell the next person who they can or can’t love or choose for their life partner.  Yet, I have the right to my choice and belief from a moral point I feel homosexuality is wrong.  Even though I feel that it’s wrong doesn’t mean I’m against it (because I’m not), it’s only wrong from a moral standpoint.  During the debate between my neighbour it hit me smack in the face why people can’t never come to no common ground on this issue.  Those who feel like homosexuality doesn’t have a place in our society and are against same sex marriage and same sex rights, they are wrong and I’ll challenge their belief and ideology on that any day.  Heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual we’re all human beings and we’re protected under the rights and laws of the land of any country we’re in by being a human being.  By the laws of the land we are entitled to the same laws of equality in whatever country we live in.  So, just because someone is a homosexual doesn’t mean they lose or forfeit their rights as a human being.  If you do then you’re wrong from a moral perspective, because homosexuals and bisexuals need to be protected with the same rights as heterosexuals.  The same sex right act was to protect homosexuals, some may not see it that way but in all honesty and reality the LBGTQ community had to get the same sex right passed to protect themselves.  It’s a lot of homosexual couples who families have turned against them for being homosexual.  Those two individuals began living together without being married and began to build as life partners.  One individual has bad credit but saved up the money to start and own a business that becomes successful.  The business, house, cars and everything else is in their life partners name.  5-10 years down the line the individual who has the business and property in their name becomes ill and perishes.  Now their family is entitles to everything they own and their life partner doesn’t have any rights or claim to none of the property or wealth they accumulated over the last 5-10 years.  Is that right or even fair that the family of the deceased can come and take everything away from the deceased life partner?  No that’s not right nor is it fair, it’s not right or fair from a legal standpoint and it’s surely not fair from a moral standpoint.  You can have an opinion or feel homosexuality is wrong, but to be against homosexuals having the right to marry or have the same rights as you as a heterosexual is wrong.  Plus we don’t have the right to tell anyone who their heart can love or fall in love with.  We have to look and approach  this issue from a humanity standpoint because denying homosexuals to marry is denying them their basic human rights of equality and you’re saying that homosexuals aren’t human being.  If you have that outlook or perspective on this issue then you’re morally wrong.  I’m just wondering does any or all I’ve said make sense to anybody except me?


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