Wow! I must admit dialoguing can be beautiful when two people or a group of people can converse without hostility or offending each other.  I enjoy being able to see someone elses view or belief while standing firm on my own beliefs on the same issue.  Me and a few other guys opened up a dialogue on abortion, that issue genuinely created a whole other issue that blew us away (I once again wishing I could have recorded this conversation).  We couldn’t believe how this conversation had took such a spin.  I’m one of those people who don’t have a side in the abortion issue, I respect the opinion of both sides in the argument of abortion.  Both have made some very interesting points, but in my personal opinion I’m not the one who’s pregnant, nor am I the one who has to make that decision.  God created us and gave us free will and choice, so every human being whether they wrong or right has a choice in life.  That’s my opinion!  Well another guy here went on the defence and started pressing me, he told me that “I’m a in the closet supporter of against abortions due to my comment”.  But this same guy imposed another question to me, he said, “Tell me this then, why should the woman solely have the power only of such decision? When she didn’t create that foetus by herself, why don’t the father also have a right in the decision of abortion?” I told him good point you have made and brung to light, the other three brothers also acknowledged that he made a good point.  But I told this guy, “Now you’re advocating for a whole new law to be put in place.  Then it will become messy and complicated when the woman want to have an abortion and the man don’t want kids! or vice versa”.  He shot back that if we’re acknowledging that the foetus in her is already human, then by law when a child is involved both parents have rights and have rights in the decision making of that child.  So a father should have a right in the decision making of an abortion. I told him I’ll agree with you that you’re right on what you’re saying, but life isn’t that easy and simple especially when it comes to the laws that govern the land.  I just showed you real quick and simple why that won’t work in our society, but I feel both parents should have a right in the decision of abortion.  But you’ll never get congress to pass a bill of that nature because they know the cause and effect it’s going to have.  So you’re just being stubborn and cynical on the topic due to you are against abortions.  I also told him you can’t only be educated in the field of abortions and humanity you also have to be educated on the law and the laws of the land.  I know it’s probably a lot of men who feel and think the same way that the man should have a right in the decision making of an abortion.  Once again I too can agree that that’s a right the man should have too.  But that will complicate the already complicated issue we have in this country of women and abortions.  That’s my personal opinion on the issue.  It was a few others in our dialogue group who took a different stance they feel the man shouldn’t have a right in the decision making of an abortion because he’s not carrying the child and it’s not in his body.  They feel it’s only the womans decision and should only be her decision.  I respect and salute their opinion and belief because in dialogue there is no right or wrong it’s just a discussion and personal point of views being made.  So we ended our dialogue on that note. I was curious to know if people on the outside felt the same way so I wanted to know their opinion on the issue.


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