It’s times like these that I wish you all could be a fly on the wall and see for yourself what goes on here.  Sometimes I wish I could a camera rolling none stop, so the world could see and hear some of the things prisoners say and do on a daily basis (I’ll be rich if I could get a camera back here).  Here I am in my cell with the headphones on writing while listening to ‘Connect the Dots’ on KPFT Radio (I listen to this every Wednesday at 3PM).  I’m enjoying my peace and tranquillity that’s awarded to me when recreation is done for the day.  But all that was disrupted when I began to hear a distinctive noise invading my headphones from the outside my cell.  The noise was so loud and overbearing, so I remove my headphones off my head to see what’s going on.  I walk to the door and listen and to no surprise, it’s tow guys having a frivolous debate that has turned into a frivolous argument (you wouldn’t believe what they’re arguing about).  These two baffoons (I have to call them baffoons) are arguing and having a frivolous argument about the Kardashians (yes the Kardashians).  The debate is about how jealous Kim is of Khloe and Kylie because those two are about to steal Kims’ shine (I’m like really!??  How do either of those clowns know this?  When neither one of them knows these people, heck they don’t even have a TV).  I’m like where are they getting their facts from who is their sources??  Then it hit me their only source of information to dispute their claims are those in Hollywood magazines.  You know OK!, US Weekly and People magazine.  That’s where they’re getting that trash to gossip and argue about.  These two have become so loud, hostile and bellingerent that if they were in front of each other right now they would be throwing punches at each other.  What’s so ironic to me is that they’re hostile and bellingerent towards each other about some people they don’t know or don’t care about them at all.  They’re arguing about these people money and wealth but neither of them are sending these clowns any money. Those two baffoons could be doing something better and productive with their lives and time besides ” Keeping up with the Kardashians”. I don’t understand how two people can have such frivolous arguments about celebrities and their wealth and money status when they don’t have any bank statements.


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