I held a conversation today while he was in the dayroom for his two hours.  It was obvious that he was a little frustrated and wanted to talk.  I’m no counsellor or therapist, but I’m a good listener and can give some sound advice when I need to.  But once I see this conversation isn’t going anywhere then I’m out.  This guy told me, “He hates when people who write to him ask stupid questions”, I told him “No question is a stupid question unless the person already knows the answer and you know they know the answer”, then I asked him to elaborate on what he means.  He told me he gets tired of explaining the same old thing about the inside of this place to every person he writes, because he don’t want to talk about this place.  I explained to this person, you have to understand communication and especially communicating through correspondence.  You have to bring a person into your world just like they’re bringing you into their life.  We ask questions simply because we are curious.  After me and this guy finished talking I began to think, and that’s when I knew I needed to bring those of you who read my blog closer into my world.  So let your mind ponder for a moment on the reality of Death Row and incarceration for a minute…….  Imagine living in your home but there’s no privacy in your home or the community.  Imagine every house being transparent where you can see right through it and every room.  That would be pretty frustrating wouldn’t it be?  Imagine the people who live in this community really have no respect for the community, nor do the people have respect for each other in the community.  Imagine the overseers and officials places into position to govern treating you with hostility, animosity, prejudice and a grudge every time they see you.  These are the type of tormented and disturbed piques going inside of a prison society.  Imagine waking up each morning to this no privacy I spoke about, the environment you live in the house are packed all together with no doors on all that open space.  There is no soundproof protectors and you’re openly exposed at all times in your living quarters.  Imagine using the bathroom trying to relieve yourself, but your neighbour or the overseer can walk by and see you, it’s embarrassing and agitated all at the time.  Imagine all activity in your community starting at 5:45am, now all your neighbours and the kids of the community is yelling, talking loud or just making extreme noises all around you to where it’s really a nuisance environment.  Imagine the police in your community coming to work slamming the steel gates that’s in place to secure you each morning as you’re sleeping, but also imagine those same police coming to work in your community with their personal problems from home!  Then they take it out on you out of spite causing you unwanted grief and trouble.  Imagine being held in that community against your will, and your captors shows you daily that you’re inferior to them by their actions.  You have no rights as far as they’re concerned.  You’ll begin to feel helpless and hopeless, just like I do sometimes but I refuse to allow myself to be broken.  What you’re imagining is what I live everyday here in a prison society.


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